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Our Story

Café Cortado first began as a humble dream over cappuccinos in a small seaside coffee bar tucked away in San Sebastián, Spain.

   This tiny café, run by two barista brothers passionate about the craft of espresso, became a gathering place for coffee aficionados longing for that perfect cup.
   However, the baristas grew frustrated with the limited equipment options available to them.

   They envisioned something greater – an online outlet that united Espresso Line, making world-class espresso machines accessible to all devotees seeking to brew peak flavor and crema.

In 2013, after years of sourcing products and building relationships with elite manufacturers, Evial and Pablo Serra launched Café Cortado to realize their goal of serving both baristas and home brewers alike.

   We remain proudly family-owned and stay true to those beginnings, keeping quality and community at the heart of our business.

   More than just a website, today the new  Espresso Line ,  as a strictly online business,  act as a virtual storefront by partnering with wholesalers and dealers and seeks to elevate the everyday ritual, art, and connection that great espresso inspires.

Our Vision

Like an expert barista constructing the ideal drink, we carefully source exceptional equipment preferred by top cafés worldwide.

   We handle each step of the process with great care – sourcing and rigorously testing superior makers that balance precision, control, and craft to help you brew your personal best.

   Just as the perfect shot depends on passion and patience through subtle adjustments, we commit to steady refinement and customer satisfaction from beginning to end.

Ultimately, sharing coffee invites meaningful moments that forge human connection.
This ethos steeps throughout every level of our business.
From our dedicated customer support team to the baristas we source advice from, we cultivate community and kinship.
Our collection goes beyond machinery to include brew guides, stories, events, and more, aimed to spread the culture and lifestyle that remarkable espresso ignites. Just as that first cup signals the start of something rewarding, we hope our offerings launch you on a taste journey bound to delight and inspire.
Salud – to the pursuit of exquisite flavor and craft!

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