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ACS Minima White

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ACS Minima Black

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Reliable, simple and easy to use espresso machine with the performance of a modern dual boiler machine for the cost of an old fashioned design heat exchanger.

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Minima has to make great espresso, accurately manage temperature and steam milk, all functional aspects needed for a great performing prosumer machine.

Making Espresso: to make espresso well you need a few ingredients, great fresh coffee, a good grinder and a machine capable of getting the best from the first 2 ingredients. It needs to provide water at the correct temperature and the Minima uses the much better and expensive system of quality stainless steel (AISI 316L) boiler for brewing and a separate service boiler for steam/hot water. The Minima is a Dual boiler machine, this separates brewing and steaming, using a more sophisticated and very accurate system (a PID controller) for managing temperature. The brew boiler on the Minima is a perfectly sized 800 ml and controlled by it’s own PID function. It uses the beautifully distinctive and quality E61 group head design. The E61 group allows for a continuous flow of water from the brew boiler to the group and back (the thermosyphon), to keep the group at the correct temperature for making coffee.

Steaming Milk: considering the compact size of the Minima, the service boiler is unusually large. It has one of the largest, if not the largest service boiler in the prosumer PID controlled dual boiler category. A massive 2.3 litres makes it a hugely capable steamer and PID electronic temperature control, run as a full power on/off controller to improve performance, is far more reliable than older style pressurestats. The steaming is so powerful ACS provide 2 steam tips with the Minima, a large 3 hole for experienced users and a slower smaller 2 hole tip for the less experienced.

Last Shot Protection (LSP): The Minima LSP prevents the low water system from turning off the pump during a shot and the shot can continue until you end the shot. Only then will the machine say H2O and disable the pump so no further shots are possible until you fill the tank. This way a shot is never wasted just because of low water in the internal water tank.

Vibration pump: Minima has a vibration pump has been carefully chosen to deliver an appropriate rate of flow, whilst being as quiet as possible. Vibration pumps do make a distinctive noise, but placement and machine design have reduced the noise and eliminated any rattles that are all too common on some vibration pump machines.

Supplied Accessories

  • 2 Portafilters for 1 or 2 cups
  • Under-cup gasket
  • Plastic Presser
  • Group brush
  • Blind Filter NBR


Dimensions (HxWxD) 370 x 270 x 445 mm
Weight 21 kg
Power Supply 230 V-50Hz
Power 2400W – simultaneous heating mode / 1400W – brew boiler priority mode
Water Tank 2.6 l
Service Boiler Capacity 2.3 l
Brew Boiler Capacity 800 ml
Boiler Material AISI 316 l Stainless Steel
Pump Pressure 10 to 15 bar
Group Head Single E61 solenoid group (58mm)
Material Stainless Steel


Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 37 × 27 × 44,5 cm
Color Black
Model Semiautomatic
Technology Single boiler
Status New
Use Domestic
Brand ACS
Groups 1 Group

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